You’re A Prophet of Doom — APC replies Franklyn Isong

You’re A Prophet of Doom — APC replies Franklyn Isong

All Progressives Congress Akwa Ibom State,
149 Ikot Ekpene Road,

Re: 2023: what does Akwa Ibom APC want?

The attention of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Akwa Ibom State Chapter, has been drawn to one sensational article with the name of one Mr. Franklyn Isong as the author.

The party in any way would not want to dignify him by responding to such shallow and biased article skewing towards recognition and alms begging except that as a noble party we feel heavily indebted to the general public to offer an explanation expecially when facts are being deliberately twisted to instigate emotional reactions in the society as it is the case here.

We therefore strongly state in the absolute terms in this manner:

1. That it is quite unbelievable for us to accept that such sensational piece could come from a man- Franklyn isong, a seasoned Journalist and Human Rights Activist who should be an agent of good conscience, principles, conventions and orderliness and not an author and promoter of confusion and lawlessness in the organisation and society.

2. It is very appalling and disgusting that a man at that level does not seem to know differences between institutions or organisation and members in such body. Then to talk of a registered party with constitution granting powers to its officers, for any sane mind to draw conclusions that the party had two parallel Stakeholders meetings with its group within a month. Could anyone in Radar newspaper organisation convene a meeting of the publishing house that is supposed to be called by the head of that the organisation, then it will be regarded as the organisation’s meeting?

3. How could we believe that someone who is not a politician can go that far in throwing away fair sense of moral justification to write in support of what is wrong, abnormal and illegal which he would personally not want to happen in his family or company if not for inducement through a mere gratification or lack of integrity?

4. How could a member in a party arrogates to himself the responsibilities of the Chairman and secretary to convene party meeting? Can a member of human rights organisations convene the meeting of the body and we will accept it as a well constituted and legal meeting of the organisation?

5. Grp. Cpt. Sam Ewang is a member of our party and his group’s meeting of March 28, 2021 was for him to consult with his own stakeholders he has selected to help him in advance his aspiration to become the Governor in 2023. Note, that was the second time HE hosted such meeting, the first was in his residence. The party only stepped in to correct the erroneous impression, misinformation, misinterpretation that followed his last meeting, concerning the proclamation of leadership of his campaign organisation and not that of APC leader in Akwa Ibom State because it was not a party meeting and he has no power to do that.

6. It is important at this juncture to mention that there are many governship aspirants and groups in our Party and their structures cannot claim to be organ of the party or act in the manner portraying that.

7. Also, note that APC as a party under the leadership of Dr. Hon Ita Udosen has organised two party Stakeholders meetings the first was on September 26 , 2020 and that of April 11, 2021and all groups attended as registered members and groups in the party and not as parallel partners. The structures of the party are neutral and will continue to serve as umpires.There is no faction in APC Akwa Ibom that is why HE Group Captain Sam Ewang attended the party meeting of April 11 and HE GODSWILL AKPABIO also attended the same meeting in principle after submitting his written apology to the State Chairman. But Dr. Ita Udosen cannot attend the meeting of any group.That does mean anything to us but it shows respect for our democracy in line with the supremacy of the party.

8. Just as it is in the family, no matter how big the children are and the offices they occupy in life, they are still under the leadership of the father in a family. Dr. Ita Udosen, as father of APC in the state has demonstrated robust commitment, ability and capacity in being fair, just, neutral and fatherly to all groups and members.

9. The party under his able care has grown and progressed tremendously in quality and quantity of membership. His successes in building the bridge of unity, love, harmony, peace and togetherness as well, in nurturing and sustaining APC as a big family cannot be over emphasised. It is clearly typified in all the appointments recorded under a very peaceful atmosphere without a single petition by a group or member against any of APC appointee. We wonder what else is the fortune of good leadership more than that! Dr. Ita Udosen has done than that quietly without collecting a dime as precondition.

11. You cannot stay outside to view the healthy aspirations, developments and competitions for 2023 candidacy which are normal intra party rituals, drumming, ovations manoeuvring, votes canvassing and attention drawing for party tickets as abnormality and capitalise on those scenarios to incite our members against constituted authority of our great party that serves as a midwife to all in labour of birth of his/her ambition.
The development is a proof of preparation and readiness to occupy Hill Top Mansion which is the fundamental objective of our party towards 2023.

12. Your assessment of our State Chairman is rather too hasty and personal you have allowed external influences to dominate your sense of fair judgment.

13. We disagree with your report, we love and cherish our Chairman because he is offering superior alternative in leadership by doing the great work of reposition our party for greatness and that is why he earned a vote confidence again from our Stakeholders.

14. The party is blossoming very well under his watch. There is no faction or fragmentation at all in our party.

15. In your Article, you said APC may not make it again in 2023 and that was the entire errand you came to deliver, with that you have already stepped into the office of a prophet that you are not called, like King Uzziah, you can not escape for acting as prophet of doom.

16. Note very well that the APC under Dr. Ita Udosen is constantly offering credible formidable, and vibrant opposition in ascending order in many fronts that state government is afraid of.

17. On issue of leadership which many are using to curry their personal favour and in the pretext of appearing like if they love HE Senator Godswill Akpabio more than any other person, we like to state categorically here that HE Senator Godswill Akpabio is a patriarch of Akwa Ibom people and we cannot belittle him to a party leader. His role as a leader is never in doubt after serving the State meritoriously as governor for two terms. He is ranked at the acme of patriarchal leadership with Obong Arch. Victor Attah, the former Governor.

So no-one should use the leadership issues to smuggle trouble into APC. He is a man of all, irrespective of political inclination.

A word is enough for a wise.

Nkereuwem Enyongekere
CTC State Publicity Secretary.
April 13, 2021.




Secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom State

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Akwa Ibom APC Secretariat

Akwa Ibom APC Secretariat

Secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom State

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